Saturday, November 17, 2018

6 Ways T0 Bring Self-Care into The Workplace

With a new business venture on the horizon, my little office has never been busier. The emails don’t seem to stop, and somehow my to-do list is always longer at the end of the day than when I started. Lucky for me, my work is a labor of love and I am truly grateful for what I do, but like any job, it can still be a struggle to stay focused, manage day-to-day stresses, and to remember to keep self-care a top priority. I’ve teamed up with siggi’s to celebrate the launch of new siggi’s SIMPLE SIDES™—an on-the-go, whole milk yogurt snack with no-sugar-added mix-ins—to discuss my key tips for balancing a busy work day with personal wellbeing in mind.

6 Ways T0 Bring Self-Care into The Workplace

1. First things first, get organized. Nothing wastes my day more than spending a half an hour looking for that important piece of paper I’m sure was right here yesterday. Personally, my life (in and outside of work) runs a whole lot smoother when I know exactly where things are, so I’m able to stay on top of things. It’s true what they say, “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” So, if you don’t have a home for everything on your desk right now, take fifteen minutes and give everything a place. An organized desk leaves more space for hustling. You can quote me on that.


2. Create a workspace that inspires you. Family photos, kid’s artwork, fresh flowers, and a good smelling candle are some of my must-haves for a happy office, and working in uplifting surroundings can help you focus on tackling one thing at a time. Whether you have an office to yourself, a cubicle in a row, or just a little spot carved out of the kitchen counter, add whatever it takes to make the space feel like your own. It makes working more personal and fun!

3. Don’t let yourself get hangry. We all joke about getting “hangry,” but the girls in my office, can attest to the fact that everyone works together better when well fed. Cue new snacking solution siggi’s SIMPLE SIDES™. A busy day doesn’t always leave time for breaks, so these delicious, whole-milk, yogurt cups with no-added-sugar mix-ins included like nuts and dried fruit are the perfect option for keeping hunger at bay when working through lunch is a must!

4. Speaking of breaks, take one if you need it. Some days the demands at work feel like they’re too much to handle. Other days, I have a hard time getting into a focused mindset from the moment I sit down at my computer. My solution to both is the same—to step away from my desk for a few minutes and practice a little self-care. Taking just a half hour to switch gears—taking a walk, reading a book, even phoning a friend—can reinvigorate my mind and recharge my batteries. 

Maybe your job only allows a short lunch break? Make the most of it and find some solitude to eat and do a little something you love, while leaving your to-do list at your desk. A good reset and a healthy meal is an A+ way to make sure you return to work feeling your best. siggi’s SIMPLE SIDES™ can help make that an easy task. There is a flavor to pair with every lunch, and the high protein will keep you full and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

5. One thing at a time. Take a moment to review your to-do list and organize points in order from “top priority” to “I’ll get to this when I can”. This helps me focus on doing the things on my to-do list instead of wasting time worrying about if I’m forgetting something important. I have more than one business that needs my attention each day, which can be tricky to navigate. I try to dedicate a set amount of time that I dedicate to each one, so the pressure of everything doesn’t get overwhelming. It can even help to set a timer. You’d be surprised how much more you are able to get done by this very simple practice.

6. Get comfortable. Whether you’ve got a desk job or on your feet for hours, taking the steps to make sure you’re comfortable is key to happiness and good performance. This could mean a good chair with back support, a supportive pair of shoes, or even a mini heater under your desk if the building’s AC is on blast 24/7. I tend to dive straight into work still wearing the morning’s Pilates class ensemble more often than not because I’m never more productive than when I’m comfortable, but some days that means taking taking the time to get dressed up and wear a fancy dress that makes me feel confident in my own skin. Take comfort, whatever that means to you, into your own hands and do what helps you work best.

Self-care is a highly personal practice. What are some of the ways you weave it into your work day?
This post is in partnership with siggi’s.

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